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The field Methodmanagement of the GfU mbH, a cooperation of the competence network WISSENnet, the Scientific Association of Logistics, the Hamburg University of Technology (TUHH) and the internet portal, is intensively concerned with the preparation and implementation of methods. The modular assembled compostion of advanced trainings Methodworkshops is addressed to managers, entrepreneurs, project managers and everybody else who is interested in methods. With the aid of the Methodmanagementsystem MEPORT, methods and their practical implementation into the daily business routine can be explained in detail during the workshops.

The Methodworkshops are offered in the fields of

•   interdisciplinary (soft skills)
•   product development
•   development of a company & management
•   production and logistics
•   asset management

They are available as for basis methods, deepening methods and special methods workshops. The workshops for special methods include both instructions for tools and user coaching.  

Detailed information concerning the modular concept of the workshops are available on WISSENnet.

The GfU Gesellschaft für Unternehmenslogistik mbH is, apart from consulting services, as well commited to offer a sustantial program for advanced training in the field of logistics. As a partner of the Scientific Association of Logistics and the department of technical logistics of the Hamburg University of Technology (TUHH), the GfU mbH supports a part of the program. The focus is on transferring technical knowledge from theory into practice.

Here you find a list of all seminars, evening events and logistics colloquium.


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