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Production, Storage and Materials flow logistics

To synchronize maintenance and spare parts logistics is one of the main challenges of the internal logistics. If you consider this part as integrated it is as well important to follow the idea of Supply Chain Management and to organize this area process orientated.  Based on the plant maintenance you should consider the entire supply chain from the suppliers to the plants in order to optimize the spare parts logistics.

Value Stream Analysis - Prevention of Wasting

Many departments are under cost pressure during these days. The optimization of production processes and with it the reduction of employees, time and costs are now in the center of attention. Keywords like prevention of wasting, CIP, KAIZEN or Lean Management are heard more often. But these improvement efforts do not always have the desired saving effects. Very often the reason lies in wrong "non professional" execution of methods. During Value Stream Analysis the production as well as production related departments are directly involved in the analysis. The method specialists of the GfU mbH identifing the problem and the biggest potential fast and clear. The GfU mbH offers a joint project "Value Stream Analysis" in cooperation with the association of logistics (FGL Forschungsgemeinschaft für Logistik e.V.). It allows a non commital "looking around" and provides all participants an insight into the virtual application of this method and its tools.


The increasing plant complexity and the cross-linking of production processes make maintenance more and more important. The main goals are a high efficiency and decreasing costs. On that account the three components maintenance technology, organization and spare parts management are considers in dependency. Integrated, organizational structures, optimized usage of IT-tools and a targeted inquiry and elimination of weaknesses lead to a rapidly reacting and predictable maintenance. A master plan of integrated Maintenance is a requirement for a successful implementation of the named actions. Based on this, projects can be realized more efficiently.


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Spare parts Logistics

To optimize the spare parts logistics you have to start with a derivative of the variety of components with respect to different attributes, such as failure mode, annual consumption, value of the component, storage costs, etc..  Afterwards spare parts are assigned to a suitable procurement or staging process (i.e. KANBAN). With the determination of the optimal structure of the inventory management (i.e. centralized, decentralized), cost minimizing potentials can be finally revealed and quantified. Following, actions for organizational and financial improvements in spare parts logistics and stock keeping can be defined and realized.



Building a complex logistical plant, such as goods distributors or container terminals, requires detailed planning, designing and a controlled Implementation. All this is not practicable without a prior computer simulation. The entire performance can be displayed, tested and rated in advance by using a simulation tool. Consequently, the planning and financial security of the project can be raised to the upper limit. The GfU mbH uses the simulation tool Flexsim® and hence offers you optimal security for your project.


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